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Oct 31, 2021

The Little Things Are the Big Things


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Do you dream of that “big thing” somewhere out there in the future, fearing you will miss out? What if you knew that the “big thing” was happening to you RIGHT NOW? You don’t see it yet, but the little things that are happening to you right now ARE the big thing. It’s here. It’s now. The future version of you is being formed in these very moments.

Give yourself permission to grow slow. If you are in a hurry on the inside, it doesn’t matter how many vacations you take— you will never be rested because you have not given yourself the mental permission to appreciate the little things.

Slowing down is not just an “option.” It’s the only way to fulfill your destiny. After all, the King of the universe made you to ENJOY Him, and you cannot enjoy anything in a hurry.

This mug could be the perfect reminder! The meaning behind the art on it is this:

The “big thing“ that I always fantasized about was fighting epic battles for my King— but what I did not realize was that the battles were already being fought inside ME. If I could not enjoy my Creator or His gifts then I was not fulfilling my purpose. The Enemy wanted me to be in a hurry, always looking to the ever elusive “next thing,” because if he succeeded in causing me to do that, my life would be wasted as it passed me by.

The battle is being fought in your life right now. The Enemy of your soul does not want you stopping to smell the roses! Every good thing that ever existed— even your good ideas— where from your Creator, and every moment has something in it for you. Are you looking?

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