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Dec 12, 2021

Throw Blankets for Henry & Chloe


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Spencer ordered these two custom blankets for his children with their favorite verses, and we embarked on the exciting journey of getting the designs to be EXACTLY what the kids would love. And it was a success— they did absolutely love them!

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Client Feedback (If Applicable)

Spencer B.

Dawson is a gifted artist, and has versatile skills with photoshop for many types of creative projects. He digitally designed two very different and complex custom blankets for my two children, illustrating the unique meaning of their names. He is a good listener, which was imperative for achieving the end result we wanted. He worked patiently with us to develop the designs to our standards. He worked well with my wife helping bring her vision to life, and added great technical input on how best to get the look she wanted for each part. He demonstrated great flexibility when extra or difficult changes to the design were asked for, and paid great attention to all the details that made for an excellent end result. We were thoroughly satisfied during our experience working with him.



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