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Oct 19, 2023

Underwater Undertaking


*PSA: You have entered the realm of large file sizes. Your patience is appreciated! Things may take longer than usual to load and respond to user input here.


In working with this unique client, they envisioned an innovative underwater cemetery, a serene final resting place where individuals can contribute their cremated remains. As you might imagine, visual references for such an experimental concept are sparse online. Thus, they requisitioned my services to craft conceptual images they could use in presenting this vision to prospective sponsors. Given the limited foundational imagery, the integration of A.I. was pivotal, streamlining the process and enhancing the project's timeline.

decorative branch

Client Feedback (If Applicable)

Gary L.

It was good. Dawson is good natured.



Sometimes the galleries will fail to display images and instead display a single color or a very pixelated image. This can happen because some of my portfolio images are very high resolution, (even up to 15,000 pixels across- Photoshop's maximum export size) which can cause them to load slowly for some users. 

Here are two things you can try if you think something weird is going on:

1. If you see a solid color, try refreshing your browser tab.

2. If you see a blurry image, first try waiting a bit if your internet is slow, and if that doesn't work, try step 1.

Also keep in mind that depending on your internet speed, when you click on one of these images for full-screen mode, it can take up to several minutes before you see the full-resolution version!

Things not looking right? Skip down to Troubleshooting.

Image Compositing

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