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Sep 14, 2021

Deep Waters Throw Blanket


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We all have times in our lives where we feel covered by deep darkness— like we’re drowning in pain. This blanket is a great reminder that you are not alone! Whether it’s a mom going through chemo, a sister going through a break up, or you yourself going through any of life’s untold hardships, it can be a game-changer to have this reminder within eyesight. Yeshua is with you always!

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Client Feedback (If Applicable)

Sunny B.

I LOVE MY CUSTOM BLANKET!!! 😭💦 exactly like I was picturing & communicating back and forth about the custom design details was a breeze. Dawson did amazing job bringing the idea to life!! He worked with me to find my fave ocean wave picture with the right colors that match the colors in my room!! 😍 Excellent quality too—it’s sooo freakin’ soft as silk!! And it drapes perfectly over my shoulders if I want to wrap up in it. The material definitely keeps you warm but isn’t so hot that I wouldn’t still use it to get cozy with on a movie night when it’s not suuuper cold outside. My favorite thing is that every time I wrap up in this blanket, I’m wrapping myself in the promises of God. These verses are so special to me personally & seeing them every day I use this blanket is so encouraging!! Thank you!! So happy with my purchase!!



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