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Payment Policy: Understanding the nuanced and sophisticated nature of the services Dawson provides, each contractual agreement's payment structure is meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of the project, with pricing determined based on the current hourly rate for the required service. In cases where a price hasn't been pre-agreed, Dawson will issue a detailed Price Quote to offer complete transparency about the financial commitment. Upon agreement on this estimate, an Invoice will be generated.


Revisions Policy: This is different for every project and determined on a case-by-case basis, however in general, when Dawson sends a quote, it typically already includes some revision time, as there is rarely a case where the first draft is accepted for projects of this nature. However, if more revisions are needed than the original quote covered, he offers 15 minutes of free revision time, but if further changes are required another payment will be required. His aim is to ensure the client is satisfied with the final product, and he is always willing to discuss a fair price so be sure to reach out immediately if a quote seems unfair.

Cancellation Policy: If a project is canceled for any reason, Dawson maintains a policy of non-refundability for any payments made until the point of cancellation. This is necessary to offset the resources and efforts already invested in the project. Dawson understands that unforeseen circumstances may arise and is committed to working with clients to find a fair resolution in such instances.

Ownership and Copyright: All ownership and copyright of the work provided belong to Dawson until full payment has been received. Thereafter, Dawson has the right to use all finished work for his portfolio unless the client clearly and specifically requests otherwise. 

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