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Your Advice = My Secret Sauce

Don't be shy. Spill the tea on our latest project together. Any noteworthy moments, interesting anecdotes, or outlandish happenings?

Even half a sentence helps a ton. Here are a few topics I could use your advice on:

  • How did our initial engagements meet or address your previous expectations or concerns?

  • How did the design outcomes align with your vision throughout our journey?

  • Did our interactions feel seamless and constructive to you?

  • If there's one thing you'd highlight about our collaboration, what would it be?

  • Thinking about future projects, how likely are you to use my services again?

  • Would you feel confident recommending my design services to others?

Nailed it. Aced it. Can't be stopped. 


In a few minutes, your advice should be live here!

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