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Dawson here.

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I am a son of the King, a sheep of the Shepherd, a citizen of the Kingdom, an apprentice of the Sword, and a workmanship of the Master, and I want to create something for YOU.

Need a website that will make your friends envious? Or maybe just a custom logo that'll make your mom proud? I have good news— you're in the right place. Welcome to your one-stop shop for all your creative needs! From logos and graphics to website design and/or helping you fix that Midjourney masterpiece you've been working on for months... I've got you covered. And if you really want to show off, you can requisition my art on various products over in my shop. So what are you waiting for? Get a free quote today and we'll make some magic!

background 📷 by @madison.brookephotography

Occasionally I also look like this when trying to take a selfie but I forget I have the flash turned on

pic of dawson when he forgot to turn the flash off

Here are some of the things my clients are saying about my work:

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Upwork Client

"Dawson delivered excellent art to our project. His communication was second to none, he met our deadlines, and his skills were beyond strong. He captured exactly the approach we were looking for and was very forthcoming. He went the extra mile for any additional work outside his area of expertise and helped us focus on our main target audience. I personally enjoyed working with Dawson and will have more jobs for him in the future."


Etsy Costumer

"Dawson is a gifted artist, and has versatile skills with photoshop for many types of creative projects. He digitally designed two very different and complex custom blankets for my two children, illustrating the unique meaning of their names. He is a good listener, which was imperative for achieving the end result we wanted. He worked patiently with us to develop the designs to our standards. He worked well with my wife helping bring her vision to life, and added great technical input on how best to get the look she wanted for each part. He demonstrated great flexibility when extra or difficult changes to the design were asked for, and paid great attention to all the details that made for an excellent end result. We were thoroughly satisfied during our experience working with him."


Etsy Costumer

Dawson has made all my 4 posters. He had so much patience with me. It was a long journey to getting my posters look more beautiful, than I thought. With the many changes and tons of e-mails back and forth. Dawson really gave me what I wanted, to comfort for people every time they come into my home and see the amazing positive messages. I loved everything he has made for me. I will be a loyal cutstomer and keep using him with more ideas! I hope you give him a try. He won't disappoint!


Etsy Costumer

This custom throw "Graphic Art" blanket is EXQUISITE, simply stunningly beautiful and I LOVE IT! <3 The quality is supreme, so soft and luxurious and I have never seen one like it anywhere. So, the design is unique and it's just so lovely and has exceeded my expectations. So, you are getting this amazing Graphic Art print with the verse of God's Holy Word imprinted on a blanket that as I said, is high quality and the colors are so rich and vibrant with the design and with the style of the font, it almost looks 3-D. I couldn't be HAPPIER. :-) Dawson was a dream to work with and took care of every detail with the highest professionalism and genuine concern that it was precisely what I wanted. It is that and will become a "Cherished Heirloom." Thank you so VERY much Dawson! ;-)


Etsy Costumer

I’m a repeat customer and Dawson’s work never disappoints!! My daughter asked for “a Psalm 23 blanket with Jesus walking along the beach and carrying a lamb over His shoulders” and Dawson custom-created that exact thing for her and she was absolutely thrilled with the result!!! Her room is blue and pink and she specifically requested the ocean water be “robins egg blue” and Dawson nailed it!! Worth every penny for the joy it brings her every day!

"I stumbled onto the Wizards Electronics website while tediously researching for a project. Despite the tedious nature of my task, I was attempting to speed through it and move on as quickly as possible. 


That’s why my experience with this website was so striking - in my rush to complete tasks, I wouldn’t have expected anything short of half a bottle of wine to bring me to a playful halt. Yet, as I began scrolling through the Wizards Electronics site, something special happened. I slowed down. I lingered. I explored. 


I found myself wanting to read every cookie message because they were personalized and fully encapsulated the brand’s narrative, which was just one of countless delightful custom touches. These “Easter eggs,” for lack of a better term, were what made me want to stay and engage, transforming a mundane task into something playful and effortless. It felt as if all attempts to pander to my impulses or to hijack my attention were absent. 


It created a fun and imaginative experience from what would normally be a dry topic (since a local electronics shop is hardly ever a thrilling, edge-of-your-seat concept). There were entire sub-pages designed solely to amuse and provide a brief escape from the purely functional nature of a business-oriented webpage.


These days, a person’s attention is the most valuable and sought-after commodity. Most websites try to exploit human vulnerabilities to retain attention and foster engagement, essentially acting as variations on the theme of clickbait. However, the Wizards Electronics website was different; it didn’t seem to be vying for my attention. It appeared to want nothing from me at all. 


So, I went out of my way to find out who had created the website and to reach out to them because it was so refreshingly unique and effective that I felt compelled to let the designer know. Getting people to take any action online is challenging and costly. But compelling someone to take a complex action, like finding the developer, is a significant achievement. 


This level of web design serves as a palate cleanser in our modern digital landscape of aggressive, emotionally manipulative content. Seeing it, you immediately recognize its uniqueness and significance. It possesses a kind of power that a utilitarian, conversion-oriented web presence could never achieve. 


I found myself thinking, whatever this site is selling, I would buy it. How many websites can have that effect on their audience? I can tell you: just one."


Wizard Electronics Website Visitor

Just a few more things:


  • With top-of-the-line components and 128 GB of physical RAM installed, my custom-built desktop is specially designed to power through the creation of 2D and 3D graphics like a caffeinated gorilla, ensuring you don't have to pay me to wait on my computer.


  • I ask questions instead of assuming things. I might as well be a curious toddler.


  • Let's be frank— you need creativity, Frank, and my creative juices are flowing.


  • Whether you need swords, knights, horses, fair maidens, pirates, dragons, magic, or even a flying spaghetti monster... I've got you covered. Not only have I hoarded an arsenal of assets that would make a Hollywood studio envious, but I'm also an expert prompt engineer with access to the top leading-edge A.I. image generation software on the market such as Midjourney, Adobe Firefly, Dall-E, and Stable Diffusion, etc. as well as a working knowledge of the copyright laws governing A.I. to make sure you actually own the rights to your commissioned projects.


Let's get connected— I'm excited to learn about your project.

P.S. - I respond quickly so look for a reply very soon!


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Are you needing a digital product or a physical product?

(If both, check "Physical")

Nailed it. Aced it. Can't be stopped.
Expect a reply soon— I typically respond very quickly

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